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Certification of cosmetic products

Certification of cosmetic products is a separate process from marketing authorization and should be performed only after marketing authorization. Aim of the certification is to confirm compliance of the product to Ukrainian quality standards. State Authority “Ukrmetteststandart” or it's subsidiaries evaluate process of certification. 

Following cosmetic products are objects of certification for national compliance: 

  • Washing products, soaps; 

  • Shampoo, bath products (foaming products); 

  • Hair colors, coloring shampoo, color recovery products; 

  • Styling and curling hair products (foam, varnishes, gels, etc.);

  • Cleaning products; 

Certification of cosmetic products  | Cratia

Certificate of compliance is issued for a batch, for one year, for 3 years and for 5 years. Applicant of certification has a right to choose type of certification. Certificate of conformity for the batch of cosmetic products is issued for exact shipment to Ukraine (number of the Invoice is mentioned in the certificate) upon examination and expertise of samples of the products. It is the most rapid type of certification.

Certificate of conformity for serial manufacture of cosmetic products is issued for 1 calendar year upon documentary expertise and testing of samples.

Certificate of conformity for serial manufacture of cosmetic products with inspection of manufacturing site is issued for 2 years upon documentary expertise and inspection of manufacturing site. Certificate of conformity can be issued for 3 years in case of attestation of the manufacturing site. 

Certificate of conformity for quality management system if the whole manufacturing site is issued up to 5 years upon comprehensive expertise of quality management system and inspection of manufacturing site.

Certification of cosmetic products  | Cratia 2 Certificates of conformity for cosmetic products from CIS countries can be recognized by simplified and cheap procedure.  Certification of cosmetic products  | Cratia 3

Certification of cosmetics is very complicated procedure. Correct certification of cosmetic products requires excellent knowledge of Ukrainian and international legislation, knowledge of the particularities of certification process, experience of such works. Most companies trust certification issues only to regulatory specialists.  

Cratia will organize procedure of certification for national compliance of cosmetic products from the moment of your first inquiry till transfer of original certificate. We are experienced team of professionals with excellent knowledge of legislation and outstanding relations with state authorities.  

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