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Humanitarian aid inquiry

Ukraine is defending itself from the Russian military invasion. Russian forces are shelling and bombing cities, there are huge casualties among civilians. 

At the same time, most of the regular supply channels of healthcare products are impacted: there are no public procurement procedures, regular supply channels are broken, some local manufacturers have stopped, some warehouses are in combat zones. 

We kindly ask for humanitarian aid: Ukraine is in high need of medicines and medical devices. 

All humanitarian aid can cross the border without any regulatory and labeling requirements. You can send products without registration/certification, in the package intended for any market. 

Cratia is in direct communication with the Ministry of Health, list of the most inquired healthcare products is below. 

Critical demand for fentanyl, please refer to the letter of the MoH
Other highly demanded medicines and oncology products

Medical devices: 
The most critical are: 

  • wound dressing;
  • VAC devices and disposables;
  • blood stoppers;
  • surgical instruments;
  • sterile surgical suits;
  • medical backpacks.

The list of highly demanded devices. 

Please note that list is not comprehensive, it includes only highly required products. Do not hesitate to donate other products than listed. 

To justify donations we have been able to receive the official inquiry letters from MoH addressed on the name of the giver. 

With strong internal and international support, we believe that peace will be restored soon.

Slava Ukraini!