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News on labeling of food products in Ukraine

In accordance with the Association Agreement, Ukraine is harmonizing their legislation with Eropean Union. As a result, within 2019 in Ukraine several legal acts came into force establishes the legal and organizational basis for providing consumers with information and affected the labelling of food products, including dietary supplements, child and medical foods.

We have issued an analytical article on aggregate requirements and innovations these documents, namely the Law on Information for Consumers on Food Products, the language Law, the order on indicating the units in accordance with International System of Units (SI) and other legal acts which affect the circulation of food in Ukraine.

The article in PDF in English language | Ukrainian language | Russian language

On February 13, 2020 in the office of Cratia we will hold a seminar in Russian language on the requirements for legalization and the labeling of food products in Ukraine. The seminar program will also include information on HACCP for national manufacturers, market control and responsibility of market operators. For preliminary registration please send notification to