Disinfectant - a substance of chemical or biological origin, or a mixture of substances that are used to:

?  apply disinfection measures in the foci of infectious diseases, health care institutions, pre-school education facilities;

?  sterilize with “cold” medical and special purpose devices;

?  disinfect hands of medical personnel;

?  exercise preventive disinfection of residential, industrial, educational, sanitary and other facilities, buildings and constructions, objects on the territories of settlements, in places of public entertainment and recreational areas, places for temporary accommodation (hotels, campsites, hostels, etc.) in trade, food services, transport;

?  exercise industrial disinfection;

?  wash and clean in household and industry with disinfectant properties;

?  disinfect air in the premises, water (other than drinking water), industrial and domestic waste;

?  decimate carriers of infectious disease (insecticides);

?  decimate synanthropic insects in the environment of human activity;

?  repel insect;

?  decimate the rodents which are sources and carriers of infectious diseases;

?  decontaminate the skin of hands of personnel of enterprises of food and manufacturing industry, food services, trade;

?  clean medical devices before sterilization;

?  control quality of sterilization and cleaning before sterilization of medical devices.

Disinfectant is subject to obligatory state registration. The procedure for state registration is set out by the Resolution  908 dated 03.07.2006 and Order of the Ministry of Health № 739
dated 06.11.2006.

The certificate of state registration is issued on the basis of results of sanitary-epidemiological examination. On the basis of which the report on the specific activity, safety, quality and necessity of trials of disinfectant in practice is prepared.

The certificate on state registration of a disinfectant contains the following data:

?  Registration certificate number;

?  Date of issuance of a certificate;

?  Name of disinfectant;

?  Contents of the active ingredients;

?  Applicant’s data;

?  Manufacturer’s data;

?  Application object;

?  Use mode;

?  Date and number of the report on the basis of which the Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a certificate;

?  Name of the institution that issued the report on sanitary-epidemiological examination;

?  Termination date of a certificate.

Here is a sample of evidence

The validity term of the Certificate on state registration of disinfectant -. 5 years. After the expiration of a certificate, it is possible to make re-registration of thecertificate in order to extend its validity term for another 5 years.

In order to start the process of registration or re-registration of a disinfectant certificate, You must complete the application for registration and collect a complete set of documents of the registration dossier. This dossier must be submitted to the Ministry of Health in order to carry out the necessary tests and examinations, the results of which are the basis for approval of registration of a disinfectant.

There will be a floppy with a list of required documents


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As a result of cooperation You will receive the following documents:

?  Certificate on registration of disinfectant;

?  Instruction approved by the Ministry of Health;

?  Report of sanitary-epidemiological examination..

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