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Advertising and promo-materials

It is allowed to advertise only non-prescription (OTC) medicinal products in Ukraine.

Advertising of prescription medicinal products is prohibited in Ukraine, except for promotion in specialized publications intended for medical institutions and doctors, and also for distribution at seminars, conferences, symposiums on medical topics.

Advertising and promotion of medicinal products are regulated by the Laws of Ukraine "On Advertising", "On Protection of Economic Competition", "On Protection from Unfair Competition" etc. National Ukrainian requirements are not harmonized with legislation of any other country, and advertising and promotional materials are not subject to any state expert evaluation or registration. Responsibility for compliance with the requirements of the legislation is assigned to the Applicant of the medicinal product.

Therefore, the following is required when preparing advertising and promotional materials:

  1. When localizing texts written in foreign languages it is necessary to check the translation accuracy.
  2. It is necessary to check the regulatory compliance of the materials with the data of the registration certificate, information from the instruction, and, if necessary, clinical data.
  3. It is necessary to check the legal compliance of the materials with the requirements of the legislation on protection of the rights to fair competition.

Thereafter, advertising and promotional materials should be reviewed when making changes to the registration certificate or when the national legislation is changed.

Dedicated software is often used to provide such activity, for example Zink software that is well-known to our company's employees.

We offer the professional performance of activities on verification and alignment of advertising and promotional materials for medicinal products. The activities are carried out by our qualified and experienced team (regulatory specialists, medical editors, lawyers).


We offer preliminary advice free of charge. Please contact us by phone +38 (068) 064-78-31, +38 (044) 223-61-67 or email us at, or visit our office.