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List of required materials

Following list of documents must be provided for organization of state marketing authorization of cosmetic products in Ukraine: 

  1. Power of Attorney.
  2. Composition of finished product (name of the ingredient, quantity).
  3. Specification of finished product (physical-chemical characteristics).
  4. Certificate of registration of manufacturer’s legal entity.
  5. Quality certificates of manufacturer: ISO 9001, GMP and other certificates.
  6. Certificate of Free Sales or Exportation certificate.
  7. Declarations: GMO-free, toxicological control, no pharmaceutical ingredients.
  8. Any available scientific data: dermatology tests, irritation studies, toxicology assessment reports, clinical studies reports (these or any other studies that can be provided by manufacturer).
  9. Package labeling: photo or drawing.  
  10. Leaflet (instruction of use): brief indications for use, precautions, storage conditions and shelf-life.
  11. Samples of finished product: 6-8 packages of finished product. 


It is obvious that we provide all preliminary advices and calculation of the budget free of charge. 

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