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Dietary and food products

The import and marketing of food products are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On the basic requirements for safety and quality of food products”.

The provisions of aforementioned Law establish the list of products that are subject to mandatory registration in Ukraine. Such products contains the following:

  • the newest food products;
  • nutrition supplements;
  • food flavors, except for a separate group of flavorings defined by central executive body;
  • enzymes;
  • auxiliary materials for processing and materials that come into contact with food products, as well as those that are for the first time introduced on the market and/or for the first time are used on the territory of Ukraine;
  • drinking water subject to classification as “mineral drinking water”.

Import and sale of dietary supplements (nutrition supplements, as they are called)


Dietary supplements, with the exception of the newest, are not included in the list of products which are subject to mandatory registration.

When importing goods, the goods must be accompanied with an international certificate or other document issued by the competent authority of the country of origin.

International Certificate - a document, the form and content of which meet the guidelines of the relevant international organizations, issued by the competent authority of the country of origin and confirms the suitability of the food for human consumption.

Also, there are certain labeling requirements for dietary supplements. During development of a labeling, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of a number of legislative acts, as well as constantly monitor regulatory requirements as to the subject of relevance with the purpose of timely adaptation of information on the label.

The provisions of the Law “On the basic requirements for safety and quality of food products” establish that responsibility for the quality and safety of marketing products, as well as responsibility for a mismatch in labeling, under the current labeling requirements, is imposed on the market operator. As market operators are considered companies that are engaged in the manufacturing and/or distributing food products.

That is why large trade and pharmacy networks, upon entry into force of amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the basic requirements for safety and quality of food products”, began treat products with more caution if products appear without the usual accompanying documentation issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which could confirm the quality, safety and correct labeling.

You can entrust us with the following:

• preparation of product labeling as required by legislation;

• preparation of a report from the authorized organization for the attribution of the product to the category of dietary supplements, which will include laboratory parameters indicating the safety and quality of a product, as well as its status of “dietary supplement”.

• translation and acknowledgment of the international certificate.

For this purpose we have the necessary experience and own relevant practice. Consultations are free of charge, so please contact us by phone number +38 (044) 332-42-94, 221-71-29 or e-mail info@cratia.ua, or come to the meeting directly to our office!