The legislation of Ukraine significantly differs from European Union. The definition of “biocide” used in Directive 98/8/EC is not identical to the definition of “disinfection product” in Ukrainian legislation. Product requirements are yet significantly different. 

Product registration and placing on the market requires knowledge of industry legislation and other normative legal acts, including consumer protection, general non-food regulations, advertising and others. Below are the primary documents in the field of regulation of disinfectants and antiseptics in Ukraine:

Law of Ukraine “On the protection of the population from infectious diseases”

Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare of the Population” (valid until 01.10.2023)

Law of Ukraine “On the system of public health” (effective from 01.10.2023)

Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language”

Law of Ukraine “On consumer protection”

Law of Ukraine “On labor protection”

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 908 of July 3, 2006 “On Approval of the Procedure for State Registration (Re-Registration) of Disinfectants”

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 420 dated June 13, 1995 “Regulations on hygienic regulation and state registration of hazardous factors”

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1401 of December 26, 2011 “On Approval of the Procedure for Submitting a Notification of Products that Do Not Meet the General Product Safety Requirement to State Market Supervision Authorities”

Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated March 23, 2010 No. 250 “Standard for the provision of administrative services by the Committee on Hygienic Regulation of the Ministry of Health for State Registration (Re-Registration) of Hazardous Factors”

We offer comprehensive consulting services on state registration of disinfectants (biocides) in Ukraine. We proactively and professionally organize the registration process in a short time.

We provide

  • communication in the professional English language,
  • all necessary consultations regarding the requirements of the legislation, the list of necessary documents and the procedure for their legalization,
  • checking the composition of the product (feasibility study), 
  • translation of documents into Ukrainian,
  • development of the labeling, instructions for use (leaflet), Application, cover letters and other documents in the Ukrainian language, 
  • import of unregistered samples,
  • organization of sanitary and epidemiological assessment,
  • submission and registration of disinfectants (biocides). 

We provide preliminary consultations free of charge, call us by phone +38 (068) 064-78-31, +38 (044) 223-61-67, or write to info@cratia.ua, or come to the meeting directly to our office.

We professionally perform registration of medicines, conformity assessment of medical devices, certification of cosmetics, disinfectants and special food products in Ukraine.
Our partners, international corporations and national manufacturers can best tell about our expertise and quality of work. For more than 15 years of work we have performed works for:

  • more than 150 manufacturers of medicines and active substances,
  • more than 800 manufacturers of medical devices and equipment,
  • more than 300 manufacturers of special food products and cosmetics.
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